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what you can expect from opulence homes

With an extensive history facilitating all areas of building projects for clients, we understand that building a home, whether it’s your first or your tenth, can be overwhelming.

Considering months of disruption and unknowns isn’t an easy step to take which is why we make our process as comprehensive as possible for each and every client. Our high-end service is delivered with a personalised touch that allows clients to pick up the phone and talk to their builder at any stage of the development.

If you’ve never built a home with Opulence Homes, our respected employees will guide you through every step using their qualified experience to reduce stress and make sure that not only is the build functional, it’s an enjoyable experience too.

Here’s what you can expect:

Initial consultation

The first step is to meet with an Opulence Homes representative for an initial consultation. We offer a personal service and prefer to meet prospective clients on-site face-to-face. We understand that due to the demands of a busy life this isn’t always possible, so we’re also available for contact using the latest video technology.

The initial meeting will provide information for us to design a comprehensive strategy including a realistic time frame, budget and achievable milestones.

Whether you’ve built before or not, we’re sure you’ll have lots of questions, and this is your opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of what you can expect throughout the process. We recommend that you write down any questions you may have in the lead up to the initial consultation so we can make sure all details are covered.

The brief

From the initial strategy meeting, we’ll develop a concise brief and formal proposal that includes the finer details of the build. We’ll cover layout, functionality and purpose, plus short and long-term goals for the property.
This document will provide overall transparency across every stage of the development.
Should you wish to make amendments or clarify anything in the proposal, we may invite you to a second consultation for further discussion.

If you agree with everything in the brief, we’ll ask you to sign the document as your authorisation to commence the project.

The certification

The first step is to submit the building documentation and apply for relevant certification and council approval on your behalf. This process can be convoluted, so we make it easy and take care of the whole process for you.

The build

Once the plans have been approved and certification is complete, construction will begin. You’ll have as much or as little involvement as you like and can have direct contact with the builder at all times.
Most importantly, we understand that things change as the build progresses, so we offer a level of fluidity to work within the scope of your evolving requirements.

Opulence Homes

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